Fourth Ward Productions, Inc. is headed by director & producer, John Schwert, whose credits include, work on major and independent motion pictures, national television commercials and an assortment of marketing and media content creation.

A Western New York native, Schwert operates his company between North Carolina, California and New York. After a successful marketing & advertising career in the corporate world, Schwert obtained his Masters Degree and started Fourth Ward Productions in 2004, naming it after his residential neighborhood in Charlotte, NC.

Schwert has developed and produced content for a variety of corporate, small business and independent clients, and has worked as a freelancer in the production and locations department on a variety of films, television shows and commercials. No matter the size, Schwert approaches each project with a consistent work ethic, a keen sense of strategy and planning, and a tactical process to achieve an on-time delivery.

Schwert’s features and short films have also screened at over 50 film festivals, been licensed by buyers worldwide and viewed by audiences around the globe.