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Film Projects

insignificantothers-logoIn/Significant Others

Feature film written, produced and directed by John Schwert


Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 3.43.31 PMAmong Brothers

Feature film adapted, produced and directed by John Schwert


Whether developing your film project for director or producer consideration, beginning production, or in post-production, we can help you anywhere along the way.  Fourth Ward Production offers script analysis and coverage, artwork and pitch-packet creation, scheduling and budgeting, production management, preliminary casting assistance, location scouting, and all facets of post-production.

Southbound Crossing
[Upcoming project]

The covering up of an accidental murder in the countryside forms a unique bond between Oliver, a traveling businessman from the city, and Robbie, a lonely Southern man stuck in his small rural community.

As the two men try to bury their secrets the truth comes to the surface.

A dramatic thriller written by Thomas Torrey.

Produced & directed by John Schwert.




Two Souls Indivisible
[Upcoming project]

Based on the book by James Hirsch (author of the National Best Seller Hurricane)

The unforgettable true story of two American soldiers shot down during the Vietnam War and the heroic bond they formed sharing a cramped cell in a brutal POW camp. Fred Cherry, the first black officer to be captured by the Vietnamese, was severely wounded after the plane he was piloting crashed in North Vietnam. Porter Halyburton, a young white navy flier born and raised in the segregated South, was thrown in as Fred’s cellmate, their captors hoping that the close quarters would inflame American-bred racial tensions and break both men. Instead, a powerful and heroic bond was created between the two that would sustain them through the war and throughout their lives.

Two Souls Indivisible tracks the inspiring, heartbreaking and remarkable story of Fred Cherry and Porter Halyburton nursng each other back to health under the agonizing North Vietnamese POW conditions. The story’s narrative balances time between the POW camp, Porter and Fred’s disctinctly different upbringings, and their time in the military, all the while keeping the viewer updated with the historical events that were taking place at home. Given the state of our US presence abroad today, this story is never more timely, and shows how good people can achieve greatness in the most hellish of circumstances.